Our HTG MICROGREEN Micro sprout tools have been developed for those who seek health and taste in nutrition.

Micro Green Cabinet: It is produced in 70 mm lower diameter, 80 mm upper diameter and 50 mm height and 120 gr weight in accordance with the root depth required for micro greenery.

When the producer gives water, the production process begins.

Certified Seeds selected by the customer are sown and sent.

Microgreen herbs are Thyme, peppermint, rosemary, basil, trefoil, lentil, leaf mustard, coriander, wheatgrass, roquette, latin leaves

SEEDLING NUMBER : 3 root of 3 different spice plants.

APPROXIMATELY : For Hobby - Symbolic.

PERIOD OF TERM : 1 year.

COVERED AREA: Diameter : 120 mm Height : 200 mm.


ELECTRIC (kWh / year) : None.

WATER (liters / year) : 31.2 (liters / year).

PLANT NUTRITION SOLUTION (liters / year) : 0.3 (liters / year).

SLAB / FIDE BAND (pieces / year) : None.

MAINTENANCE (TL / year) : None.