Hextech Green Machinery Industry and Trade Inc. , managed by an agricultural engineer with 37 years of professional experience develops and manufactures Indoor Agricultural Technology products for the Agricultural Sector. It carries out its R&D activities at its head office in the Technology Development Zone of Istanbul University and its Production Activities at the Production Facility in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone.

Our Company Policy

We have made Agricultural Production possible in the cities with our indoor Agricultural Technology Products. With Hextech Green, Professionals grow their healthy seedlings without being affected by natural disasters, and the citizens of the city grow their own natural vegetables in their homes. We aim to become a global brand in a few years by using this technology that supports a healthier life and our professional experience.

Purpose of the Project and Soilless (Non-Hydroponic) Agriculture

Our company is in the homes and workplaces of the city dwellers: using our biodegradable, soil substitute (soilless agriculture) solid plant growing environment: in the summer: on the balconies and gardens, in the open areas in the winter: using our smart agricultural machines that grow plants in their kitchens, without creating environmental pollution, and to produce the fruits of environmentally friendly smart green buildings.

Innovative side / benefit of soilless (non-hydroponic) agriculture

Our company is for the citizens to produce their own healthy vegetables and fruits in their kitchens without creating environmental pollution by using our biodegradable, soil-replacing solid plant growing environment in summer: in the open areas in their balconies and gardens, in winter: using our smart agricultural machines that grow plants and aims to spread environmentally friendly smart green buildings.

Climate Change and Insufficient Agricultural Land

In 2050, it is predicted that the human population will increase from 7.6 billion to 9 billion. On the other hand, the amount of arable land is decreasing rapidly due to climate and urbanization. This situation indicates that it is natural for the need for agro-food products to emerge as an extremely critical factor. It is anticipated that obtaining more products by using less space will be one of the most discussed issues in the upcoming period.

Why Soilless (Non-Hydroponic) Agriculture?

Until the middle of the twentieth century, soil was considered the only medium that allowed the plant to develop and put it into service by regulating it and increasing its productivity. However, due to climate change, the decrease in water resources, the pollution or absence of agricultural land, and the increasing use of chemicals, it is getting more and more difficult to produce quality and healthy agricultural products based on manpower. For this reason, soilless agriculture model has begun to be adopted in order to increase productivity and to ensure sustainability in agriculture.

Innovations Aimed at Soilless (Non-Hydroponic) Agriculture

Our company aims to spread the soilless agriculture model with environmentally friendly green buildings in cities. With the technology we have developed and the products we produce, while the urban people enjoy the pleasure of growing plants in all buildings in the cities, they will also be in control of what they eat. Our company will contribute positively to the creation of sustainable agriculture and green cities, ensuring water and food safety focused on food supply, and enhancing the quality of life such as health, while also preventing urban families from being harmed by the developing economic crisis and price instability.