With Ahmet Can "Technology is Everywhere", he went to fields, gardens and discovered agricultural technologies. Bilge Akgün, one of the co-founders of Hextech Green, was a guest on the "Technology is Everywhere" program and talked about the technological aspects and innovative...

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Developing a technology that produces food that does not contain chemical residues without creating environmental pollution and continues its activities in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ARI Teknokent, Agricultural Engineer Bilge Akgün grows healthy seedlings in the company...

Daily Sabah

The Smart Agriculture Machine that Akgün has developed offers solutions for cultivation with minimum water and fertilizer. With the machines, fruits and vegetables are grown without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizer.The machine saves 98 percent water.

Haber Global Canlı Yayın

Hextech Green co-founder Bilge Akgün Haber told Global TV the details of the Smart Seedling Machine in its new R&D center.

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Intelligent agricultural machinery growing plants named 'Hextech Green' will bring money to the producer and health to the consumer. Entrepreneurs who develop products Bilge Akgun, had they indicate that only 4 billion pieces of seedlings produced when vegetable seedlings need 16 billi...

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With our intelligent agricultural machines that grow plants, seedlings are grown with zero risk, zero error, fast and cheap, with less water, without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, without displacing ,fully automatic way ,by monitoring them remotely, by making data records.


Hextech Green: It produces agricultural machinery, which will start a new era in vegetable growing, where producers can grow natural seedlings without being affected by disasters, and consumers can grow their own natural vegetables in their kitchens.


Hextech Green Co-Founder Bilge Akgün was the guest of "Here is the Enterprise". Akgün is a smart agricultural machinery that produces plants and seedlings with no medication, chemical fertilizers, 98% less water in 10 days. Haber Global Economy Manager


The future of agriculture is flourishing thanks to a female agronomist. Aiming to start a new era in vegetable growing, Bilge Akgün makes a difference with the smart agriculture technology named Hextech Green.


HTG MINI is the happiness of eating healthy foods in your home..

Hextech Green was the guest of Cem Seymen.

Hextech Green, one of ITU's core entrepreneurs, was the guest of the A to Z program prepared and presented by Cem Seymen, which was broadcast on CNN Turk screens. Bilge Akgün, the co-founder of Hextech Green, introduced home-based agricultural machines where producers can produce natural seedlings without being affected by disasters.

Hextech Green in Tekyaz Inspirational Series

We tell our success story to TEKYAZ.

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İTÜ ARI Teknokent, which has realized more than 2500 R&D projects, has been the guest of TRT News with its successful initiatives.

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The program of the entrepreneurs was the guest of the enterprise, Hextech Green co-founder Bilge Akgün. Akgün talked to Haber Global Economy Manager Murat Üzel about smart agricultural machines that do not use medicines, chemical fertilizers and grow plants and seedlings with 98% less water in 10 days.

News From Us

As Hextech Green, we gave an interview to CNN TURK in BIG BANG 2018 organized by İTÜ Core.

Big Bang 2018 Hextech Green Presentation

We made a presentation as Hextech Green within the Big Bang Start Up Challenge organized by ITU Core every year.